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The organic creativity & relentless diversity in the music made by artist Austin Findley is a pure reflection of his lifelong passion.  Born in Columbia, MO, in the Midwest, he moved around through various small towns in the countryside of the USA as he grew up, discovering his connection to music around the age of fourteen when he first started to learn theory and play through the computer app known as LMMS. 

As his knowledge, capabilities, and talent grew at a rapid pace, his desire to learn anything & everything he could about music was even more insatiable – rarely would there be a time in his youth where Austin wasn’t spending every spare moment he could listening to something brand-new to him.  Educating his ears genre by genre, Findley tore right into catalogs of tunes by legends in the industry like David Bowie, Lou Reed, Van Morrison, and Iggy Pop, as well as a massive range of incredible bands like Stone Roses, The Velvet Underground, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones.  Finding inspiration from all corners of the music scene, Austin continued to absorb & devour every song, style, and sound that came his way, diving into Jazz, Classical, and Rap, through essential icons like Public Enemy, Eminem, Nas, & Kendrick Lamar.  As he listened intently, Findley brought serious depth to his own musical palette – and when it came time for him to record his own songs, he consciously chose to keep the doors of opportunity as wide open as possible in a sincere effort to keep his options every bit as limitless as his artistic potential. 

While his official debut album Year Of The Knacky technically came out in 2012, Austin also had a ton of other irons in the fire.  He spent many years promoting his YouTube channels successfully and laid the groundwork for an upcoming series of novels that he would author & self-publish from around 2015 on forward, still to this very day.  As with most artists, his creativity was expressed in abundance; but with so many things keeping him occupied, music was always the first thing he’d put on hold in the process. 

In 2016, everything changed dramatically, and the music took over.  Dropping two EPs and a full album in his return to the scene, the support, love & enthusiasm surrounding his versatile sound & wild ideas grew exponentially, giving Austin all the encouragement & confirmation that he was right where he truly belonged as a career musician.  Over the years that would follow, one would be hard-pressed to find an artist or band in any genre or style that could keep up to his creative output; between just 2017 – 2019 alone, Findley released records at an astonishing rate, contributing another three EPs & seven full-length albums as he solidified his place in the scene & established his music on playlists & charts all around the globe online.  Building a reliable reputation through dedication and his innate penchant for discovering vibrantly unique combinations that offer listeners a captivating collage of styles & sounds that recall the inspiration of his many influences over time – Austin is the sum total of his heroes + his own ingenuity. 

Undeterred by the COVID-era, Austin Findley continues to outwork the rest and contribute enormously to the independent music scene.  With a greatest hits record put out early on in the year, and albums Lucky Seven & Вулкан shortly afterward – he’s already onto the next album Heretic, which is currently being crowd-funded through a Kickstarter campaign, with plans for release in October 2021.  Fusing an exciting range of imaginative ideas & sounds together from Baroque Rock to Shoegaze – his upcoming album Heretic holds nothing back in pursuit of memorable uniqueness & hybrid sensory experiences.  Austin Findley is bridging the gap between worlds of sound – join him on his quest to create, for you.