Austin Findley makes music that vibes like no other. Born in Columbia, MO, he moved every year to various small towns around Mid-Missouri; discovering his connection to music around the age of fourteen when he learned music theory by producing music through LMMS & Audacity.

As Austin Findley's knowledge, capabilities, and talent grew at a rapid pace, his desire to learn anything & everything he could about music was even more insatiable – rarely would there be a time in his youth where he wasn’t spending hours listening to music. Educating his ears genre by genre, he tore right into catalogs of tunes by legends in the industry like The Stone Roses, Slowdive, Sonic Youth, Pixies, & Happy Mondays.

Undeterred by the Covid-era, Austin Findley continues to promote music that's a hybrid of harmony. He’s focused on making the next single "Golconda" a song perfect for lovers in a relationship during the pandemic.

"Golconda" has a release date of February 5th, 2021, and has been featured on Market Watch, and is returning with a blend of soulful guitars & energetic instrumentals that vibe like no other. Austin Findley walks a path less traveled by mixing Progressive Rock & Shoegaze into a unique blend that vibes like no other.