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Life Speed Ahead

by Austin Findley

Released 2016
Released 2016
I make atmospheric music like My Bloody Valentine, psychedelic music like Pink Floyd, and eccentric music like David Bowie
I started writing music ever since I was thirteen. The music in this album, however, are written five years from when I started. I started working on this album a handful of months ago. I wanted something that could be Psychedelic, Atmospheric, and Eccentric; I believe I have all three of those things.

I would sit downstairs in my basement and listen to hours worth of music. Then I would grab my guitar, and start playing music. I would work on single song for twelve hours a day. On the tracks that use electric guitar, the process would take a couple of days to write music for it; for the guitar is truly harder than the synthesizer to play.

Overall, I feel like I made a great album.

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